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    How much do the hand caught scallops go for compared to dredged ones? Obviously there is little if any damage caused by hand collecting them as opposed to the scorched earth effect of dredging - is there a decent market for hand caught that is prepared to pay the premium?.
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    I can buy dredged scallops from the market starting at about 17p each, our dived ones go for a lot more than that!

    With the way attitudes are changing towards food and the supply chain involved with it people are slowly coming around to the ideas of sustainability and environmentally friendly catching methods. It’s still a very long road to travel down especially when you have people like the MSC certifying dredged fisheries as ethical and sustainable but it will sort itself out with time.

    I did write a short article that i put on linked in about sustainability if you fancy a read https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/what-...u-peter-mills/

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