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Thread: O ring packs

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    O ring packs

    I've got fecking 1000s of the bloody things after I got cajouled into selling them on Porkshire Divvers. 6.75 delivered and you get a pinch of each of the sizes below (about 50 in total) stuck in a zip lock bag and shoved into postie's hands with a prayer.

    They are all EPDM 70 shore A and straight from a proper industrial supplier so nice and fresh not that crappy special rubber they use in dive shop O ring packs that's made from 25% rubber, 75% green chalk.

    BS003 HP swivel
    BS006 LP inflator button
    BS010 2nd stage swivel
    BS011 LP hose
    BS012 HP hose
    BS013 LP hose 1/2" port
    BS015 cylinder valve stem nut (varies)
    BS111 A clamp only cylinder
    BS112 DIN convertible cylinder
    25x3 cylinder neck
    BS214 3/4" cylinder neck

    PM me if you would like some.
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