Can some puter literate type please give some basic tips how and what I should look for to set up a monitor switch box?

As the result of a recent office relocation I now have a desktop PC with two monitors, both currently connected via DVI cables. From memory one monitor has VGA and DVI in-ports while the other has DVI and HDMI. The latter is bigger more powerful beast.
I also have a laptop that is reasonably portable (lenovo T430s) which I sometimes take to work with VGA and HDMImini ports.

I would like to setup a switch-box or similar so when I rock up to the office with my laptop I can plug in easily and then display it on on one or more of the monitors while still having the option to see the desktop display by flicking a switch. Would also be good if I can use the same mouse and keyboard through the switch box to control either the desktop or the laptop.

In my head this sounds reasonable....