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    COURSE REPORT: Freediving with Marcus Greenwood

    I've just typed up this course report for a course I attended in 2007 ... :o

    Iíve been talking about it for almost year and Iíve finally done it Ö a freediving course

    The course took place at an LA Fitness gym in East London

    After the intial introduction by Marcus Greatwood and Andy Laurie which included fruit juice and chocolate cake Ö
    we started our lecture in what freediving is and the different types of freediving:

    constant weight
    static apnea (9 meters 06 seconds)
    dynamic apnea
    free immersion
    variable weight (148 meters)
    no limits (214 meters)

    It turns out that Marcus Greenwood was the coach of Herbert Nitsch the World Record holder to 214 meters of the No Limits discipline

    The lecture theater was the workout studio, the type of place where I usually do Combat and Pump, so the air con was on full
    I was so cold in there that we were all sat in outdoor coats, scarves and woolly hats

    Then it was into the pool Ö the bit that I had been waiting for

    We were told that the pool was very warm, of course I didnít believe them so I took my 2mil lycra skin
    It was freezing, everyone was cold Ö not just me
    If Iíd have known it would be this cold I would have taken my dry suit and my Typhoon heated vest (which probably would not have worked anyway!!!!!!!)

    Our first task was to swim a length under water - I guess they were looking to see that we were all comfortable putting our faces in the water and that no one was going to have a panic attack

    Then we were given fins that almost as long as I am tall!
    None of them fit me, of course, they were all too big so I wore the booty fins which I had brought with me

    There were sixteen of us on the course
    There was a lot of standing around. If the class was small or the pool was larger I think we would have got more swim time and kept warmer

    We were taught how to correctly breath Ö.. count of five in and ten out
    Ten out !!!! after a count of five I was ready to breath in again
    I really focused on this and after a while I was able to control my breathing and just about make the count of eight out before I felt like I was going to pass out

    Between swims we had to hang off the side of the pool rest our arms on the side, eyes closed, head resting on our arms
    Trying to focus on your breathing when you are that cold is very difficult, most of us were shivering when not on the move

    After a few under water swims of 32 meters at a time (two lenghts of the 16 meter pool) preceded by the five in and ten out we moved onto relaxation
    This time sitting on the steps we buddied up, eyes closed we did our five in - ten out following by three quick in and out breaths (blowing out the candles)
    Then turn face down in the water and wait until your buddy turns you over

    I remained face down for all of three seconds before I was asked to stop, so my Static Apnea personal best stands at three seconds
    Iíll try to beat that one next time I go ;o)

    During lunch we watch the record breaking attempt of Herbert Nitsch in No Limits to 214 meters

    Back in the lecture theater and we reviewed breath control Ö into the belly
    I realised that I had only been using a third of my lung capacity while I breathe which is why I was having trouble acheiving the ten counts out

    Half the class went into the pool and half the class stayed for the next lecture
    In the lecture we reviewed black outs, loss of motor control, prevention, what to do if you see someone in trouble
    There were a few of us who were scuba divers and we discussed freediving and scuba during the same trip and borrowing an octopus from a scuba diver while freediving

    This afternoon session was very interesting

    Back in the pool we did more breath control/ relaxation exercises and more swims under water keeping our heads as low in the water as possible

    The intro course gave me a few credits toward the Aida 2 star ticket which I hope to complete in the next couple of months
    ÖÖ then I can get my Tanya Streeter silver suit

    The course was really good, Iím glad I did it and Iím looking forward to completing the next part of my course
    and the challenge is to jump off a boat in the middle of the ocean and not breath in because my brain thinks Iím on SCUBA ;o)

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    COURSE REPORT: Freediving with Marcus Greenwood

    Interesting report thank you.

    I was doing fine until you mentioned the silver suit.... ;-)



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