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    Quote Originally Posted by Paulo View Post
    at this stage I have come to the conclusion that the OP is a troll.

    I was just passing dropped in to tell you about my reg, that`s all believe it or not,

    You guys started on me, lets get it right,

    But I have to say its developed into such fun seeing all you girls getting your knickers in a twist,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dive dog View Post
    Have you put it on ebay yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by antonysking View Post
    Thank you for that I`ve had the pup from a baby, and have come to the conclusion you may be right, I have seen so many arseholes on here and have to admit,

    I am at risk of lowering myself to your standards , for a bunch of twats to get so personal over a matter that was resolved 3 and a half years ago with the buyer, privately and amicably

    Is beyond me !!!!

    he told me what he wanted me to do, and I did it end of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You guys are just making a load of assumptions with no knowledge of the facts

    You don`t know me, and you have no right to talk such a lot of crap about something that has no relevance to the thread at all

    Get A Life Guys

    Enough is enough

    This thread is about a Cyklon 300 In Gold

    not my personal life
    Your standards are already pretty low and we may all be arseholes. But I generally think that if everyone is telling me I'm acting like a twat although I think that they are it's usually me acting like the twat. Maybe you ought to have a little think about your position on this.

    As it happens I'm watching your eBay item. I was never going to buy it but I'm interested in the sale and what you get if anything. Knowing about your previous (although it was a while ago and it's all been amicably sorted out even though you've received negative feedback anyway) I wouldn't touch any of your items with a bargepole as I believe that you should conduct yourself in these things with utter integrity which you clearly haven't. And yes, if I'd put an item on for 99p and that's all it got then I'd send it as agreed just like I have in the past.

    So why don't you go and find some other people to piss off.

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    Very Rare Cyklon 300 GOLD PLATED regulator for sale 1 of 500 in the whole world

    Ok, enough is enough. Nothing more to be gained by carrying on this thread. The things that needed to be said, from both sides, have been said.

    Thread closed.

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