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Thread: CNS Loading

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    Question CNS Loading

    Hey guys n gals,

    Just to outline some specifics on this question. I am asking about the highest CNS loading on a single dive at 100m or deeper on open circuit equipment, using trimix (whatever that mix may be is irrelevant to me) as a back gas that you have reached or would be prepared to reach.

    Just to be clear, this is not a target, but I am well aware the people routinely go over the 100% mark, and dives I have been doing over previous days have gone to the 85-90% region.

    If, in this situation, a lost deco gas situation occured or a +/+ scenario, how far would you be prepared to 'push' the clock? 105%, 120% or 150%?

    This is certainly aimed at the exploration level of technical diving and not a jaunt around just trying to push the limits.....

    And yes, before it gets mentioned, the rebreather will be coming in the next 12 months, so this should be less of an issue

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    cant say what number cns% id run to if id fooked up id just have to do what ever,s needs

    having said that if your oc and have say twin 18L your not going to be doing more than say 20/25mins bottom time

    so you could keep your cns to what ever you like round 120% or less , even if you lose a deco gas id say you can still keep cns to less than round 100 , if you pull your o2 stops in say 5m or less ,
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