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    For sale. Euro twinset, Halcyon Wing and apeks regs

    Its time for me to accept that my diving days are over and having decent dive equipment lying around not being used just seems wrong, so its all up for sale. I don’t really know the prices of things anymore so give me an offer. Everything can be picked from london NW8 area. I have photos of everthing which I can email or WhatsApp. None of it has been used in years so a I'd recommend getting things serviced before use.

    Twinset, 12L Eurocyclinders, round bottom, Halcyon valves, filled with 230 bar of something probably 32%, out of test.

    Wing, Halcyon Evolve 40.

    Backplate and harness, Halcyon 3mm stainless with MC storage pack.

    Regs, Apek 2 x DS4 with xtx50 on long hose and xtx40 as necklace, Agir spg.

    Stage reg, apek dst with atx 40 and suunto spg

    Fins, Scubapro jetfins large with Agir SS spring straps.

    Dive timer, Uwatec 330m with Diy bungee straps. 2 of, 1 with line cutter attached

    Beaver knife "Scorpio" double edged, serrated on 1 side, blunt tip. little bit of rust, still sharp.

    Vee weights, plastic coated 1x 1kg and 1x 2kg.

    SMB, Buddy orange, the type you full with your reg.

    SMB, frog orange, with low pressure inflator valve.

    SMB, Orange, unknown brand, with low pressure inflator valve.

    Finger spool with stainless steel double ended piston clip.

    Buddy pocket reel.

    EDIT: photos now posted on Instagram.

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