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I'm designing and building the world's most innovative sat nav and telemetry console for scuba diving and snorkelling, named Mercator Origins.

Follow my open source project pages on Scuba-Hacker's Hackaday and on my youtube channel Scuba-Hacker's YouTube Channel

I'm a software engineer and love scuba diving, especially at Wraysbury in the UK when I'm not able to go on holiday diving.

Checkout my latest mega drop - full test dive videos proving Mercator Origins' metal at Wraysbury dive centre, in the UK.

YouTube Mega Drop - Dive Number One Proving Trial of Mercator Origins at Wraysbury Dive Lake, UK

My github has just started up, like it here: Scuba-Hacker's GitHub Scuba-Hacker's GitHub

Job market is tough, so here's my linkedin: Scuba-Hacker's LinkedIn