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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkP View Post
    ...insist I gave my honest opinion. ...
    I guess you have the same social disorder as me? People ask for your views and you are supposed to say their new child doesn't look like a monkey or their new "car" isn't similar to a stupid Tonka they had when they were 6 or stuff like that.

    But as you say neither of us has any friends so it doesn't matter.
    There are only two things that are infinite, the universe and Tory corruption and I am not sure about the universe.
    With apologies to Albert Einstein.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allan Carr View Post
    We've got a Humax Aura. Had a few problems with the S/W at first but that's now been resolved. has all the features you want.
    Thanks Allan.

    I've started a proper look into this and it seems Humax haven't yet sorted a relationship with Netflix, so all I can find says the box doesn't have it.

    Does yours?
    Happy to be a woke* feminist SJ(K)W snowflake in a godless universe, no matter what some experts think. And Braun was a twat who's not missed. At all.

    * Had to add woke; couldn't resist.

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