So an odd thing happened on the drive home today: We were coming round the outside of Norwich in the mid life crisis mobile and Rob decided to accelerate hard to get past someone, the road was mildly curving. The acceleration was hard enough to push me back in my seat and I was just beginning to remember doing the same thing in the old Uno Turbo in the 80s when I got really violent vertigo and felt like I was going to faint - my chest felt really compressed and I kept trying to inhale in a complete panic (apparently sounding like a startles guinea pig!). Rob immediately slowed down and everything wore off straight away, apart from still feeling tight in the chest, which I probably did to myself. Any ideas? Could it be the PFO or the calcium crystals in my ears getting shoved up one end? Never experienced before and have been in a lot of fast accelerating cars. Quite badly frightened by the whole thing