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    Quote Originally Posted by Irnbru View Post
    Thanks for the info Steve - I do have an offer for a 2nd hand Apollo (for 500) that was only bought last year.

    I have said to the guy (who has the disability) that I thought that buying a decent scooter would probably start off around the 1000+ bracket.

    The reality is probably going to be he just uses fin gloves as he still has to get a drysuit etc.

    Thanks for all the advice and PMs - it is greatly appreciated.

    Their is a special technique to using fin gloves to get the best movement, it's a very modified breaststroke, but where your arms end up by your legs. It creates an almost butterfly effect to your body which propells you almost as fast as legs only.
    It has the advantage for anyone learning that their hands are free to check air, and adjust buoyancy via a bcd.

    Let me know if you want more info,
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