It seems like only yesterday that I was back on board the Huskyan, it turned out to be a whole four weeks. I live in Bedfordshire and so the 620 mile drive is a bit on the long side. To make life easier Mrs Ian@1904 comes along to supervise me. We stop off overnight in Inverness leaving a two hour twenty minutes to Scrabster. Being late October and less traffic the duration may have been a bit less this time.

This time for a bit of variation we were booked into Jackie's house also operated by Emily Turton. If you have the chance to stay there the house is absolutely fantastic. On this occasion I was diving with Robin Hood dive club based in Huddersfield a group of people I've been diving with for several years. So lots of banter on the ferry and even more banter on board the boat. This was scheduled to be a standard week of the Scapa wrecks and so we started off with the Dresden wreck which was pretty good. Followed by the Karlsruhe wreck, I'm a big fan of the Karlsruhe wreck because of all the teak decking at the stern of the ship.

The following day we dived in to dive the ColnÖ. oh did I mention that after jumping in we had orcas and were hanging on the shot line and a pod of orcas swim by?

Anyway went down the Coln using the shot line which is midships to the 8 metre torpedo tube that stands vertical had a look round at the 88mm gun and then we went forward to the mast where we found the glass for the Searchlight, various guns on the way to the bow then up past the control room and up shot line again. A fantastic dive.

Following that we did the Kronprinz starting off on the big guns then we found the two case mate guns six and seven that are tucked behind the big guns along the wreck and back up the shot line.

Then we did the Markgraf, turns out it was a bit dark down there and my buddy started to suffer from nitrogen narcosis when we're approaching the rudders and was even more concerned and when we started looking at the port holes so we went back to the shot line about which time he was absolutely fine so he then continued the dive, we went into the salvage section where the turbines used to be and had a look around in there then along the anchor line up a shot line.

Following that we then went into the Bayern and turrets.

The following day it was a bit breezy so we went to the F2 in the Barge. There is plenty to see; capstans, 100mm gun, gearing mechanism behind the underneath of the capstans, A-frame, compressed gas cylinders for recharging torpedoes and two large gear boxes. In the afternoon we dived the Coln again but this time we did the rear section so down the shot line to the 8 metre torpedo tube and the 88mm gun through the gap, then along to the stern to find the internal steering tools, the rudder, prop nose cones, the anchor and then the rear guns.

Our final day we went to have a look at the stern of the Konig, Iíve never actually been to the stern of the Konig so this was really quite interesting from my perspective. You can look inside the rudder.

The Brummer wreck had too many fish we could hardly see the wreck.
I hope you enjoy the videos



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