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It would be helpful in view of changing medical views and financial NHS leanings to have a date of closure and encouragement of those directly involved to just stick a brief resume on the forum.
So - a sanitised version of what I sent DiveMouse

Adrian *******
DoB ********
NHS Number *******
Gained BSAC 1st Class and BSAC Advanced instructor - 1,700 or so dives prior to incident

Bent 20th August 2006 - 2nd Dive of the day - 20 metre drift off Weymouth - no mandatory deco but did safety stop at 6M on 32% "because you can"
Airlifted to Poole - "Classic Skin Bend" (to quote the chamber operator) - Back to B&B late that night, drove home next morning

September 2006 Private PFO Test - "Yep, that's a PFO alright, about 10mm"

March 2007 - NHS Operation at St Mary's hospital, Paddington, under Dr Malik to perform closure. Went home (although very groggy!) that night.

Eventually resumed diving although given up now for other reasons

Hope that helps get yours fixed... If you need more details please shout