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    Question What would you do?

    Hi All,

    I have a moral dilemma on my hands. My friend (retired/experienced OC Mixed Gas diver) and I are booked for some 55-65m diving later in the month. My friend is known to push safety limits and skimps on the gas. He has asked me to mix him 20/20 mixes for the trip.

    From a Narcosis perspective, a 20/20 mix has an END of 47m @ 60m which many regards as too deep given multiple agencies suggest an END of 25m for CCR and 30m for OC. Add Gas density into the equation, and we have a gas density of 7.4 grams per litre much more than the BSAC maximum of 6.3 grams per litre not to mention the recommended maximum of 5.2 grams per litre therefore greatly increasing the risk of IPO.

    1) I know the onus of responsibility is on the diver to choose his gas and test the mix, but would you mix a 20/20 for your friend, knowing it's woefully inadequate for the diving he is about to undertake?
    2) Would I be insured or implicated in any resultant accident/incident? God forbid having to explain to a coroner why the diver died when it could have been prevented.
    3)If you mix the gas, would you dive with that buddy? I am relatively self-sufficient in my CCR diving, but would I want to take responsibility for dealing with an incident? Or equally as bad, if I had an unfortunate, unforeseeable accident requiring assistance, could I trust a retired diver with some narcotic impairment to rescue me?
    4) As a MOD2 instructor, would a coroner implicate me in any incident scenario due to my friend's diving practices? In other words, by pointing out the gas is not acceptable, have I legally absolved myself from responsibility?

    I am sure this thread will raise a lot of points - but your opinion on what you do - would be appreciated.
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