Hoping for some TDF wisdom.

My twinset (12l flat bottomed Euros with BTS manifold) is in for test. Aside from it annoyingly need shotblasting, the test centre has back and said that the manifold and one of the valves have got bent and need replacing.

Sadly, there appears to be a national shortage of manifolds for twins 12s, with Apeks saying over a month and MDE quoting a longer timeline. Places in Europe seem to have stock though, and I wondered anyone could tell me whether there's any difference between the manifold sets below (not sure which one I need) and the ones you'd get in the UK? I don't want to order something to find it doesn't fit!



I have a friend who flies to the Netherlands weekly with an address there and has no problem with me getting these delivered to him for onward UK passage..

Any other suggestions also appreciated!