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Thread: What a shower!

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    What a shower!

    Whilst taking my annual 'whether I need it or not' shower today I was pondering on how to measure the speed of the water and how to measure the time it takes for the water to hit the floor.

    I assume that the water is moving faster than just 'gravity assisted' but does it slow down in transit or .......

    The only thing that I could come up with would be to use a strobe light with a camera but that would only work if there was a noticable difference in the water flow that could be tracked, filmed and measured all the way to the floor and that doesn't happen.

    Anyway, I know that there are some clever chaps & chapesses .... people on TDF.

    How would you go about measuring the time it takes for water to exit the shower head until it touches the floors (without checking on Google).

    I wonder if the answer is on Google? I'm not checking!
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    Your question made me think of this song.



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