Posted by Adam Hanlon on facebook.


So a large amount of pretty unique gear has been stolen from a store at Capernwray recently.

It includes:

Halcyon/Suex HDV EXP scooter (XK).
Dive Xtras Sierra scooter (modified electronics and batteries).
KISS sidewinder rebreather (although they left the CL) with hardwired Shearwater Petrel SN 32721690
5 x Apeks DST with fifth port set up for SM or stage use.
Apeks DS4 with Aqualung transmitter
2 X Faber tall 12s (one with an H valve).
Faber 80 with SM valve.
Dive Rite XT fins in Red.
Large amount of hoods, slates, and assorted ancillary
This is all very unique gear, and in many cases is one of very few in the UK. This suggests that the person(s) that took it have specialist knowledge about its use and value, but also has such a small potential user group, that it is likely that people will be aware it has been stolen. If you get offered any of the above items, or in the cases of the scooters/RB, see someone with one, please get in contact. It would be good if we could make this stuff "too hot to handle."