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    A lot of the claimed false co2 alarms were attributed to people using o2 grease in the head orings which was proven to be not as effective as silicone grease.

    I have lost the temp stick since converting to the JJ. If I am honest, I never got the benefit out of the tempstick I had as I never bothered to check it and when doing anything more than shallow stuff would go for a new fill of lime. I prefer to have more conservative protocols than to rely on a few temp stick probes
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    Quote Originally Posted by M-J-J View Post
    Independent monitoring over CO2 monitor every time for me, if they come up with a reliable end tidal CO2 monitor I would be interested though. With most units having a HUD these days I do wonder whether divers have become complacent about independent monitoring, believing that the HUD does just that but have they found out if their HUD is actually independent of the controller/handset?
    On the Hammerhead the HUD is simply a repeater of the primary handset. I almost never look at the primary except for deco info, I go by the HUD and the secondary for ppo2. I wouldn't be comfortable on a unit where a single failure could take out all the ppO2 info. For me a secondary is essential or at the very least something resilient like the KISS display where each cell is connected to its own independent display unit.
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