As an antidote to the general grimness of the world right now, cheer me up with tales of your best dives, recent or otherwise!

I'll go first..

1998 - First time I dived the Hispania in the sound of Mull, a proper ship shaped shipwreck, utterly covered in soft coral, with a club instructor who lead me through all the little spaces from end to end. Glorious

2009 - Maldives - clinging onto a rock in a shallow Kandu with my then girlfriend (now wife) in a roaring current watching a parade of Manta Rays loop the loop over our heads for 20minutes or more feeding on plankton

2017 - pretty much every dive I did in Truk.

2021 - Northern Ireland, the Castle Eden, 30m+ visibility, sunshine and blue water teeming with fish.

Happy Days are underwater days!