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    How should I dress when trying a new BCD on?

    I'm sure this must have been asked before, but nothing has turned up in the search I've performed. If there's some other thread related to this, just redirect me there!

    I've decided to buy myself my first BCD before the end of this year. I'll do so by going to a shop, not online, to make sure I feel comfortable in it. But my question is, how should I be dressed so as to get a rough idea of how it'll fit when I have my wetsuit on? A T-shirt plus a sweatshirt? Just a T-shirt? And if it were a semi-drysuit, would it make any difference? I've found soneone selling an almost new Hollis Neotek at a very good price, and I might end up buying that, too (I haven't got any sort of suit yet).

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