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    Quote Originally Posted by Draco View Post
    Thank you jturner for reply and information, I agree about skills focus, that's way I asked the question in the first place ...
    I'm thinking about tec45 or this course but I haven't decided yet due to financial involvement
    Yes, there's always that issue!!! FWIW, I'd have an honest look at what you'll be doing diving-wise and take it from there. I know a few people who have done course after course and trained up way beyond the level their diving life actually needs. Me for example. I've not been able to get out on my CCR for well over a year yet I'm qualified to 60m trimix and deco on it. Was it worth doing that course? Based on the diving I'm actually doing and going to be doing for the foreseable future, as opposed to the diving my heart told me I might be doing, no. I'd have to be certifiable for trying a 60m dive nowadays with such rusty skills and I can't see me getting much chance to build back up to that level any time soon. I probably made the jump to Mod 2 too soon (though to be fair to me, I didn't expect a global pandemic and change of job either!). All of that said, the more in-depth knowledge isn't a bad thing to have learned, so it wasn't entirely wasted.
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    I understand you well,
    I have many friends they started diving with me or after me and now they far ahead me with certification but are they with skills ? I'm not so sure ... some of them for sure if you diving every second day but most people just "jumping" from one course to another ( I 100% agree with you),
    Thank you for your advice, I'm thinking about this as well and my thoughts are between TEC 45-50 and this SSI decompression diving ... also which will be more available during holidays and other locations (not per se Technical dive sites but generally diving centres), maybe I'm totally wrong with my thinking and that's why I'm asking this questions here ... of course I can do both courses but again is not about "card collection"
    thank you for your help guys

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