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    Thanks JonG for replying . But I am still puzzled with your thread …..

    “ with time the position may change as opinions mellow.
    I still believe it's viable as a recreational option but others may need more time “

    It’s sounds like we are all trying to put our thoughts and suggestions across to the mafia who will not move on a decision .

    We are all divers that have dived there for many many years , lets get more clarity for 2022 . There’s more things happening in the world at the minute , than trying to get past a panel of divers to dive a quarry ??

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    The final arbiter is the landowner and their perception based on their own understanding of the risk and discussion with committee and wider advisers is currently that recreational divers would increase the risk of a fatality or other injury.

    They simply don't want the mither of an incident to deal with and believe that this is more likely to ocurr with less qualified divers.

    The final decision is theirs at the end of the day.

    My take on it is different and I debated as such as did others, over time the landowner may revisit the decision and at that time more may support the fact that recreational divers would not increase the risk, but we are not there yet.

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