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    Bad Day - I now need 2 new computers!

    Hi All

    Bad day at the office recently - dropped in and descended the line as normal and checked my primary computer which was now showing a novel error message that neither I nor the documentation appears to have ever seen before. Oh crap but no problem I can use my backup.

    Now like most people my backup is a computer that is an older model but I have checked it regularly and its battery etc were fine. What I hadn't checked is whether or not I can actually read it underwater. It turns out that I no longer can - due to ano domini the numbers are now too small and I can't actually read it properly! After a bit of a dive I checked my backup computer and found I could just about manage to discern the dive duration and depth but everything else was completely lost in the mist. By this point my primary computer had completely gone dead. Time to leave.

    On the way up I couldn't actually see the warnings on my computer so I took it very slowly and by the time I got to 6m it was throwing some kind of a wobbly. I had no idea what is going on - so I padded the 6m stop by 15 minutes before surfacing. I was fine but somewhat shaken - I really had no clue what was going on on the ascent, with surface eyes it was clear that the computer was objecting to me missing a short 9m stop that it had (somewhat surprisingly) decided I needed.

    Long story short - I now need 2 new computers that I am sure I can actually see underwater and am going to stick some tables in my pocket! Moral of this tale is check you can properly read your backup computer before you need to do so!

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    Reading lenses in the bottom of your mask?

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    If either was a SW, they can usually be fixed for a fraction of the cost of replacement. It cost me around 180 to get my Petrel Ext fitted with a new board and depth sensor
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