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So brown followed the tory scum budget for his first two years, before ditching the balance the books approach and then set deficit budgets year on year.
Again to be fair (this hurts me you know ) Blair (Mrs T's greatest achievement as she said) promised to follow the Tory spend/tax for that period in order not to frighten the Telegraph readers.

For once a politician kept their promise.

Blair/Brown ran a surplus in 2004 for which they were roundly criticised by the banks as there were not enough gilts for them to buy. It was the last time the UK saw a surplus on the current account. It is a little known fact but the Tories have (ever since WW2) spent more and borrowed more than the Labour administration they replaced. Osborne/Cameron imposed so called austerity but nevertheless doubled public debt. Much of this spend is corruption with this misspending and theft being the reason Major was knocked out of power.

I don't like the Labour party very much - if at all really - but they generally get the clean-up job if one is fair to them. Like you I had to hold my nose voting for them last time but in the face of the current thieves I saw no option. Hopefully I will not ever have to do that again.