I've been trying out a draeger mouthpiece retaining strap and it is definitely more comfortable than holding my DSV in my mouth, I'm having a little aggro with bailout though...any thoughts on making this easier?

What I do now:
Diving sidemount with 'dilout' on left and another bailout/whatever cylinder on right.
DSV (no BOV) in mouth, primary bailout reg on a bungee necklace under my chin, secondary bailout on snoopy loop on the other cylinder.

Bailing out is okay: pull the DSV firmly away from face (after closing it!) then bring necklace reg up into mouth, breathe. Putting the DSV away under my chin is a bit of a faff as I have to pull it side to side as it goes down to avoid the strap catching on the reg that's in my mouth. At this point the strap from the DSV is still up around my head (I don't really want to just slide it down as often I'll be in overhead and wearing a helmet, which would complicate putting the strap back).

From bailout back to DSV is a pain and invariably ends up with a decent slug of water in my mask: remove reg from mouth, bring DSV up over the reg into mouth...at this point the strap has knocked my mask and I have at best a mask that's a quarter full of water.

Am I just crap? If so, please enlighten me as to the way of uncrappedness
Perhaps I could take more time and find a way to loosen the strap first when switching back from bailout reg to DSV...it all seems a lot of faff and loosening the strap isn't trivial as you have to find the right tabs to pull on (hard enough in gloves, let along dry gloves when the tabs are so close to your face that you can't see them).
I'm diving a Triton fwiw