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    Thinking about selling my GBoxed Inspiration Vision 2020

    Morning Campers.

    Iím contemplating selling my inspiration vision 2020. Without checking I believe itís a 2016 model (will confirm when I get home) I kinda looking to gauge what the going price for it would be. The only thing that is original as I upgraded it are the first stages / wing and the odd hose As Iíve changed most of them to miflex. I will have it all serviced + new cells and the cylinders 02 cleaned ect before sale as I wouldnít consider a unit without a recent service if I was looking for one

    APD 2020 Vision 2016 (35 hours logged max)
    HUD and HUS
    Temp Stick
    Trimix Software
    BMCL medium bought with 2020 upgrade
    Standard Mouthpiece
    PLDT heavy rebreather plate
    Agir Harpa double adjustable harness
    G BOX with white cover and lifting harness.
    2x metal sub brackets
    2x 02 2x Dill 3L cylinders
    1 and 1.5 L suit inflation cylinders and halcyon suit inflation system.

    Loads of Kent tooling/narked ect tools and AP spares.

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    I ll be interested to see what kind of price you get as I thinking of selling mine...Its pretty much the same apart from a titan box instead of the Gbox and a divesoft ibov.


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