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Thread: Website logo.

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    Website logo.

    I have to change my website's logo because the company (whose goods we sell / nobody else's) has informed me that I can't replicate their trademark font ("should never have been given permission to start with").

    I have still to track down exactly where the logo image (I assume it is an image) is stored and then figure out how to change it ..... if I can ...... without ucking it fup. Would PAINT be up to the job or do I need something a bit more professional?

    Ideally, I'd like to be able to block out the text and xhange the font but I'm fairly certain that I'll be dealing with an image (when I find it).

    If it is too much trouble then I'll send it off to be done but I would prefer to be able to do this myself (if I am able).

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    Logos are better suited to using a vector graphics format, so that they scale up/down without looking blocky. (SVG or EPS files)

    If you can't get away from using a bitmap (jpeg or png), then make sure it's large enough that it doesn't go all blocky on your page.

    If it's bitmap, I'd use GIMP to remove the current text, then a layer on top to add the new text.
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