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It is really difficult to produce good data and when you extrapolate the findings from a small sample to the empiric level you are going to be wrong to an extent. That's just how it is. I have done a lot of data manipulation and forecasting over the years and you have to accept a margin of error. I agree with Neil - the other factors will cause people to over or underestimate and to choose the lower or upper extremes to suit something other than the pursuit of the truth.

There is no doubt that overfishing has destroyed several populations of fish to the point of commercial extinction. North Sea herring for example, as well as the tuna fishery that came with the migrating herring. As a kid I remember the blue shark fishing out of Looe and Trevor Housego in the news. Shark in general were often caught off the UK coastline. Dogfish, notably the Lesser Spotted were a nuisance and snaffled your bait before anything more tasty could get to it. Hardly see one now.

Most people are totally ignorant of how commercial fishing works and the damage it does. Few understand how subsidised it is or how much the industry distorts politics. Anything that reverses that trend is welcome.
I just caught sight of your posts, likes and received likes...all 8s and 9s until a moment ago - very soothing to look at (ignore the 3), calmed me right down after being reminded of the program!