Hello! I am, obviously, new to the Dive Forum. I live in Bonaire and have a YouTube channel called A Diver's Life.

I have over 30 years of diving experience. I am a divemaster and self-taught underwater cinematographer. Recently I completed 2 tech diving courses and am studying for a third. I am take the training to take people to cool places must divers are unable to go to or have never seen and I also hope to discover some Bonaire history. So, as a tech diver I am a work in progress. This is a video surrounding our discovery of a 17th century anchor on Bonaire if that is something that interests you:

We also have a dive boat in Bonaire, called the Honey Bee named after my grandfather's boat. It is set up for diving so we are able to go to a lot of cool places on Bonaire you can't get to easily from shore. We recently made this video of the Rappel dive site in honor of Bonaire diving legend Bruce Bowker:


I look forward to our discussions.