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    Another for widebands, and remember that in cold water with condensation inside the suit you may become smaller than usual so a snug fit and the largest glue space available is the way forward.

    In terms of cleaning, get an Evian bottle but it MUST be a red top (the one with three prongs as you look through the cap into the bottle), this will fit the Light Monkey piping attachments EXACTLY. Then add chemgene to the bottle (always marking the bottle!!) and squeeze it through the piping to clean, flush with fresh water and then you can also blow air through to dry all with the same bottle!!

    I am going to paint them black and sell them for 100 as a technical diving essential...if anyone has blue H stickers then 400.

    Routing, my one tip (sorry I couldn't resist) would be to make sure the hoses are connected first and then dress with remaining items over the top to stop snags, once on and fully in the suit (unzipped in case you need to get your hands in to unplug) then pee to test. This is the most important bit, you are not peeing to check for leaks (the reason most don't do it as they don't want to start the dive wet and covered in pee) you are checking that it opens if it is properly stuck on you.

    If it doesn't open and is properly attached you will cause yourself some serious damage!

    Once checked zip up the suit and do some stretches/star jumps to make sure it isn't going to give you a (unwanted) tug under water...

    On the Rochester Widebands the 'teat' is long, I trim it so that it just covers the attachment otherwise it can pinch easily underwater...if you are not sure what I mean I can WhatsApp you a picture.
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