Would like to upgrade my poseidon for now till 60m, maybe one day in future till 100

Now is big dilema abouth wich BMCL to choose?
Original Poseidon: https://shop.poseidon.com/shop/product/5634
ATS: https://nortechdiving.dk/shop/en/ats...9-unilung.html - they recommend this set: OPV/Dump valve on right CL, t-pieces, MAV fittings and hoses and switch blocks (MAVs).
TEC ME: https://www.tecme.de/frame_start1.htm - i think to choose: BMCL002.
another option?

Next too i think MAV should be incl. too, am i right?
Original Poseidon: https://shop.poseidon.com/shop/product/6146
ATS: https://nortechdiving.dk/shop/en/ats...9-unilung.html
TEC ME: https://www.tecme.de/frame_start1.htm - BMCL005
another option?

What about Mabual Injection Pack: https://shop.poseidon.com/shop/product/5042 - need for Poseidon pack.

Thanks for any usefull idea