By way of pre-amble, when embarking on my 2nd career in diving there were 3 main strands to the loose plan I had:

1. Get comfy on a RB
2. Get qualified in the OHE and then build on the OHE course learning and inc. experience in that environment.
3. Slowly expand wreck diving experience working towards sites like Malin.

1 and 2 have gone well, 3 not so much for a variety of reasons, but after a week in Scapa 2 weeks ago a renewed sense of vigour has been acquired for rust and the plan for a few of us is to consolidate in the sea again next year building towards Malin in 2022 (Covid etc. notwithstanding). A year will permit a trip to the Lot in 2021 (which we missed through Covid) and more time in the sea at normoxic depths.

To this end I'd be really grateful for input on the general subject header with a broad spectrum of information including but not limited to operators, sea temps, run times, bailout considerations, chosen sea sickness medication, scooter (necessary or nice to have), best times of year for weather, temps or viz etc. etc.

Many thanks.