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    Did you try the suggestion in post #2 ?

    Their website clearly indicates DOT for BA tanks. https://flameskill.co.uk/cylinder-testing/
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    Quote Originally Posted by Energy58 View Post
    For anyone who is remotely interested in the original subject of this thread I finally got round to digging out the offending cylinder and G&H don't test DOT cylinders so my search for someone that will do so continues... Anyone with +ve sightings I would welcome the advice - location shouldn't be a problem as I have a tame transport guy who goes pretty much everywhere in the UK (eventually) who could drop off/pick up for me provided I am in no rush.

    1. Now you have the cylinder to hand it would help if you could post all the details stamped on the neck.
    After the DOT stamp it may have a E digit then four numbers. Also the material used and date of manufacture.
    The manufacturer and the letters say 3AL This is to ensure its a diving cylinder and to make sure its worth re testing.

    2. In the UK test houses certified to retest DOT cylinders are few and far between, the test is at 5/3 the working pressure and with most doing testing on aircraft oxygen cylinders off American (Boeing) aircraft and the like. or offshore installations helicopters shipping etc.
    Flameskill is one of them and is well respected fully certified to test to DOT cylinders and not part of the IDEST scuba dive shop set up's
    Cost for a hydro is around 25 but transport cost each way may make it expensive. Also the cylinder may be returned empty for carriage rules and you may need to fit your own ( American spec) 0-ring on the piller valve, its not scuba la la bull.

    Now that the girls have left the forum it may now be safe enough to return to this thread and discuss the aspects of scuba cylinder testing properly. But it may also kick off again with the clowns and complaints. I look forward to either.

    Unlike the junk sold in the UK made in Turkey from aluminium from China
    Now ask yourself why every UK dive shop selling them don't tell you who the manufacturer really is.
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