A new set of rules has been introduced for Cave Training Sites in Quintana Roo. This was democratically approved by the community of cave instructors via the Virtual Line Committee, with over 80% being in favour of the new rules. It has also been endorsed by all major training agencies that are active in the area.
The original list of training site recommendations was written over a decade ago, and needed some updates and improvements. Now that we have a system to consult all active instructors, the new rules can more closely reflect what the instructor community wants.

The main changes are:

- Making the rules much clearer, with areas for particular skills rather than the non-specific ?critical skills?.
- Removing the "blanket" ban on training in some huge systems.
- Including some areas that do not appear on the original list, but are used for training regularly.
- Including some general rules for the conduct of training.

Thank you to everyone who contributed and made suggestions. Many of the concerns that were expressed by instructors have been incorporated into the final version.
The new rules will be posted widely on Cave Diving Forums and Social Media, and are available for download from the CREER Lineas Website here: https://creerlineas.com/wp-content/u...5-Aug-20-1.pdf

We are also pursuing funding to get signs made for display at training sites.