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Thread: Rosalie Norfolk

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    Rosalie Norfolk

    3-4M vis on the Rosalie at Weybourne yesterday morning. Dived tuesdays LW slack. Lots of life it was very pretty. Wrasse, pouting, bass, and beautiful plumose anemones.

    Beach Road runs down to the shore carpark 1.50 per hour but there are a dozen or so free spaces on the verge alongside the rushes.

    Entry point is a 10min walk to the left (W) along the top of a low cliff/bank. When you reach a 5 barred wooden gate you have gone too far, come back 10m. LW was 9:00 so arriving early i marked the entry point ( brick/rocks) on the path whilst the mast was still above water. There may be pot markers but these are unreliable guides as they are not directly over the wreck and get moved about day to day. Dive time slack was 10:30 but the mast had by then submerged in the rising tide. An easy 150m swim N brings you on the wreck, as the waveline was murky I did half on the surface and half below. If there is any residual current you can walk 20m or so up stream before entry to make life easier. When the flood tide returns at the end of the dive it runs in the direction home. I rode the tide back to the carpark to save walking. The single beach is quite steep like a mini chesil.

    I had 50mins on the wreck, and what with the surface swims giving me some 80mins in the water. It was getting a bit nippy by the end as I had kitted light wearing only a shorty.

    This an ideal dive site when the south coast is blown out. Yesterday was SW5 and here was quite sheltered.

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    Definitely don't doubt Dawn - not if you value your life


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