Hi everybody,

We are two Swedish underwater filmmakers, Mattias and Linn, who’s going to travel Europe for 15 months to discover the diving around our continent.

Our idea is to highlight the diving in Europe and promote more regional diving.

At the same time we want to get a sense about the situation in our oceans and their ecosystems.

The European continent is wide and diverse and so are the oceans that surrounds it and their ecosystems. From Norway’s deep fjords, The Atlantic oceans diversity and the Mediterranean’s beautiful open caves to the well-preserved wrecks of the Baltic sea.

Our journey will begin in Luleå, in the north of Sweden. We'll start out diving on the Swedish west coast, followed by the North Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean, the Baltic Sea, the Norwegian Sea and finally end our journey in the north of Norway.

During this time we will live in our custom-built van with our two dogs. We have pretty much everything that we'll need in the car - refrigerator, stove, solar cells and a power bank. We also have our own compressor for airfills.

You can follow our journey on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Hope to see you there!