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    Quote Originally Posted by simon mitchell View Post
    Hi Iain,

    I have no idea what kompromat OSEL have on you, but it must be spectacular given your enthusiasm for attaching your star to their sputtering rocket. In this latest example you obliquely defend Brad Horn's claim that OSEL have never had any quality assurance problems with products released to their customers, when (as you can see) there are many people on this thread who know that to be unequivocally false. Not to mention problems with the promised products that were never released to customers, like the iCCR and the bailout rebreather you were touting in an earlier post.

    Regarding obtaining material from RBW, given Brad's demonstrated penchant for revising history, I have had the prescience to keep copies of many relevant posts related to debates I have been involved in with OSEL. They come in handy, in cases like this.

    Yes, its a relief that there are a tiny number of places where deception and lies remain poorly tolerated. But don't worry; there are still plenty of places on the internet where you can puff your chest out and say anything you like.

    Finally, its fairly rich for you to complain about things being more than 10 years old, when virtually all the corporate 'knowledge' you spruik on these forums is way older than that.

    Simon M
    Hi Simon.

    You have it all wrong my friend salvage rights in Murmansk are very different to the rest of Europe. Besides there is no “kompromat” between friends.
    As for OSEL and QA they don’t have any QA problems as far as I can see. They do however have a clear and transparent Quality Assurance certification
    process to a considerably higher standard than any sports diving product or company on the market bar none today and have had this for some considerable
    time and that alone is kind of hard to kick against.

    On the subject of Rebreather World I’m glad some of the hard work IP and postings have been saved. I would just urge you to use the information wisely
    and not just to knock chunks out of stuff and OSEL in particular. What comes in handy is wisdom, collected information without wisdom is simply a waste of resource.

    Regarding the “tiny number of places where deception and lies remain poorly tolerated” I trust you were not inferring that the posts we both had recently on ScubaBoard on IWR that were removed both yours and mine were in that category of lies or deception. If so lets clear it up.

    Finally as for the “corporate knowledge I spruik on these forums” being older than 10 years you are perfectly aware I am under a number of Non Disclosure Agreements with many more things that may if still relevant or requested be made known in time provided I do not break the time limited agreements.
    We are safe with the old stuff, provided its relevant to the question or answers. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking that it is all that is available. Iain M
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