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  • Paul Evans

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    VOTE: February 2020 Underwater Photo Cmpetition - A Model Buddy

    Quote Originally Posted by smileydiver View Post
    My buddy in Sharm. I like this shot because it is a pretty silhouette, but also because in this photo you cannot tell that my buddy is a wheelchair user with adapted gloves to do the majority of the swimming (fins are mainly for balance). Just another diver in this pic, we are all the same underwater

    Quote Originally Posted by Nickpicks View Post
    From the "dipped in glue and rolled around Go-Dive" school:

    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Evans View Post
    A fine Chap if ever there was one

    And yet again, some old guru whispering in my ear

    Quote Originally Posted by Pete Bullen View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Jen - Winged Blob View Post
    Buddies - good for providing special effects.

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    Looks like Paul Evans won. Have I missed something is there a March comp?
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    Tim Digger

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Digger View Post
    Looks like Paul Evans won. Have I missed something is there a March comp?
    Sorry Tim

    On it
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