A variation on a theme I guess.

I am reading a series of books by Sam Manicom that I received this past Christmas. They are:

Into Africa
Under Asian Skies
Distant Suns
From Tortillas to Totems

I have just finished the third of the four and to date I have thoroughly enjoyed them - if anything the writing gets better with each book. The subject matter may not be to everyone’s taste as it a travelogue and he is getting around by motorbike and then later on is joined by his girlfriend, who he met on his travels, who learns to ride a motorbike and then gets her own bike to travel with him.

As a distraction I came across this book after reading an Amazon review about How to Knit with Dog Hair:


As I haven’t read it I cannot really give it a proper rating though there is a decent sized excerpt on the Amazon page which I would give 5/10.