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    I have a 6Ah santi battery. so far it's been fine apart from having to give the EO connector some attention after someone yanked it out on Deco. it charges up, switches on and off and runs my O3 HUV for 4 - 5 hours. I've got a 15Ah as well but the little one is normally more than enough for me and you hardly notice it as it's so small.

    downsides are that it's very easy to accidentally turn on or off and the eo cord does look pretty cheap and flimsy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wibs View Post
    LFM RCA connectors ARE NOT WATERPROOF if you jump in without connecting your light cable (and immediately notice this in NDAC, donít descend beyond 4m and climb out within 1 minute).

    Their Heat For Me batteries are good and a hell of a lot cheaper than all the others but arenít listed now. Just donít forget to connect the cable.
    Well yeah it's always a good idea to plug the cables in

    Had two cable breaks and neither led to water ingress past BOTH parts of the port. One port you have the ambient pressure directly applied to the full surface area of the connector, but if you have two bulkheads and the filled (flex and the funny cardboard stuff) cable then the chances of it going down the cable with a tiny orifice snd then through both connectors is very low.

    Based on 75m 2hr dive with a ripped cable (from standing up on boat not knowing some prat had dumped his twinset on the cable) and 104m 4hr dive, not sure when the rip occured but as the last 3 hours were deco in open water then I think its safe to assume it was at entry or on the bottom at some point.

    But you are correct if clarifying Wibs as the individual connectors are not watertight.

    Cheers Matt

    PS Yes I only replied because I saw an opportunity to say tiny orifice...

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