For sale is my OSTC Mk.2 dive computer. Iíve had this for a number of years but recently upgraded to the newer OSTC Plus so that I can download my dives to my mobile over Bluetooth when on holiday (The OSTC Mk.2 needs USB to download). This computer can do OC, CCR, pSCR and gauge mode. Itís trimix capable and can handle 5 gasses. Deco model is ZH-L16 or ZH-L16+Gradient Factors so pretty standard and similar to loads of other computers out there so you should have no problem matching deco to your buddies.

Included in the sale is:
OSTC Mk.2 dive computer running the latest v3.13 firmware
Bungee backplate
USB cable for charging and downloading
Heinrichs Weikamp case

Thinks to be aware of:
The left button is a bit stiff and you need to press it quite hard
There is a screen protector fitted and this is a bit scratched and looks terrible, either ignore this like I did, remove it or replace it (it looks fine underwater)
There is an air bubble under the screen on the right hand side that you can see, this has been there for years and the computer is perfectly happy with it but I thought I should mention it. Doesnít effect use of the computer but itís a bit annoying.

£150 excluding P&P (collection from Berkshire, Surrey or NDAC possible).