I bought this in May\June 2019 for a trip to the Britannic, but like an idiot I broke my ankle while out rock climbing and couldn't make the trip, for various reasons I won't be doing the Britannic and have no real use for this in my typical deep diving so I would rather sell it on and someone else can have some fun.

I got a brand new battery from Rob @ DeepIdeas as the one I got with it wasn't holding charge very well, also bought the PC link (30) as I wanted to change the gearing and the start up gear, so will throw that in as well. Comes with a full 1640 Pelicase with all the custom foam cut-outs etc. full spares kit, and pre-weighed lead pouches on velcro for the front and back and both fresh and salt water. Fast scooter, comfortably outpaced a Suex XJ14, great condition, 2015 model so has the usual little scratches but nothing major, comes with a go-pro mount on the handle (Go-Pro not included, I lost it on the glanmire a while ago so feel free to keep it if you find it!).

I bought this model as they get great reviews (which I can now confirm), they're powerful and the battery is NiMH so you can fly with it which was the biggest selling point for me. The case is also well within easyjet size limits (this was the carrier I booked to Greece not checked others but can't imagine they're any different).

Looking for around 3000, happy to meet in the UK (Capernwray, Stoney, 8-acre) for test dives, I am based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

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