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You must have a seriously cheap source of tanks.

The example I gave of Cardiff Scuba was £4. If you take the price of a new tank as the GoDive price it is £155. Ergo 38 rentals to buy the tank. Testing is appx £80 over a five year cycle or £16 a year or four rentals. (assuming no shot blast).

Financially renting is sensible if you don't dive all that much. So it is convenience. I used to rent tanks when I lived in London as my LDS was not far away, but (like many other people on here) that option is not a working solution where I live now.
Or as in the poster above you... seriously expensive rental options!

You really should never have to shot blast a tank, if you do, you need to go and kick either the compressor owner or operator in the bollocks, as that is either wet gas that's likely to kill you (by whatever other nasties have desorbed out of the filters as the water has pushed it out) or somebody didn't blow the seawater remnants out of the valve before starting filling.