Hi All,

I'm looking at purchasing an umbilical torch for diving UK waters to replace a really old HID, specifically the torch will be used for Channel wreck diving and also sometimes cave diving, it will be used for Trimix diving also.

I wanted to know what the general view is in the UK?

Does anyone have any experience with Light For Me torches? I've used helmet mounted handheld torches from them before in caves and they've always worked well for me. I like the look of the NW7 which has a wide angle and narrow beam capability.

Looking at Light For Me's website they appear to be ending production of older torches pre 2020 and are about to bring out a new delrin range, so potentially some bargains to be had on the old range if they're any good?

The top of the range torch appears to be the Halcyon Focus 2.0, does anyone have experience with this? Is it worth the premium price?

Are there any other brands people use and recommend? I know some UK Instructors use Ammonite, any experience in the wider community?