Hopefully nice to give something back to the forum from the great advice I've received...

I purchased said box for carting around my kit (excl. exposure protection) on UK dives. It really is top notch - plenty of space to fit BP/W; Regs; Hollis F1 Fins (big fins); save a dive gear and a ton of accessories. Fits perfectly in my boot opening (Ford Focus which has a fairly narrow opening for the size of the car). Opens really nicely in line with the parcel shelf. Lockable, waterproof, dust proof, built like a tank with great high clearance tough wheels and sturdy handle. Time will tell if the stainless hinges and latches stand up to salt water but there is so little to maintain and access to the metal parts is all very open so easy to rinse.

Only (very minor) issue is the power cable access on the same side as the wheels for charging tools while locked - although of course could just as easily charge a torch. The seal here is not entirely waterproof when storing upright (as it wasn't designed to be) but is fine for wheeling, even at a steep angle and anyway would be fairly easily to overcome with a little DIY.

The only downside I could see is if you needed to get up and down steps as the retractable handle, while certainly strong enough to pull it, would probably be overpowered by lifting it - and would be at an awkward height for that duty anyway. Given its size you'd probably expect to get a little help with it if you came across steps anyway.

Saw it on popular website for £138 and was considering it then but was a no-brainer when I saw on Electrical World for £63 incl free delivery (must cost almost as much to post as to buy!).


PS. No personal link to Electrical World or Keter (I believe it is made under many different brand names anyway but Keter in UK). Also Electrical World were a pleasure to deal with and answered all my questions promptly and delivery was 2 days over Christmas!

Happy Diving!