Bruce Konefe has chartered a converted fishing boat to run out to the Sea Crest and Tottori Maru wrecks in the Gulf of Thailand.
Departing 21/02/20, dive 22/23/24/25 return 26/02/20. We have some other expo marks around this which we can look at also.
These wrecks are remote so familiarity with IWR technique will be necessary.
The depth to sand is 75 meters. Hypoxic trimix certification is needed for your tool of choice, CCR only.
Individuals will be arranging their own gas/blending, although this can also be arranged with prior notice at a fee.
Cost of boat rental is 110,000 thb and the cost of boat will be split around the team. The team pays their own transport to and from the boat.
At present there are 4 people confirmed.
Basic amenities available but this is not a luxury live aboard so bringing your own sheet/drinks/food is advised
Contact Tim Lawrence or Bruce Konefe for further info. #davyjonestech #deeptecdiver #tecdiving
#diveexpedition #seacrest #totorrimaru #ccr