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    Quote Originally Posted by Dsix36 View Post
    I messed around with every single method that I could read about, or look at, and still never found a single one of them that did everything I wanted. I ended up using ideas from several methods to come up with my own system and have been using it for many years.

    I use a loop of bungee (the white stuff from a marine shop and NEVER the black stuff from a dive shop, since it does not stretch enough) but I have it running over the wing like an Armadillo rig. On this bungee loop I have one of the oversize bolt snaps attached with a quick connect.

    I use a pretty much standard rigging on my tank with a oversize bolt snap secured to the bottom and the top. I like the oversize bolt snaps because I can get my finger inside the attachment ring while using my thumb and it makes one-handed operation easy.

    when I gear up I can just clip the top snap ring of the tank to the oversize ring of the snap ring on the bungee that is connected to my shoulder d-ring. this gives a hard upper connection on the top to be able to walk without putting so much weight on the bungee. I can either pull the bungee around the tank valve now or wait and do it during the decent. the bottom tank snap ring clip to the stand under my rEvo.

    This way after the dive and waiting for the boat I can pull the bungee off and unclip the bottom of the tank. this leaves the tank with just a single clip on the shoulder d-ring that I can use one hand to unclip and hand up the the DM while holding the ladder with the other hand. Very quick and efficient.

    When cave diving, I do not use the upper bolt snap and rely only on the bungee over the tank valve.
    Plus one. Also its very easy to set up when kitting up on a rocking boat when all you want to do is just get in the water asap.

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    Do you have any images Cathal/Dsix be interested to see setup?

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