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    What's the diving like out of Rhyl? Lots of wrecks? (Have never dived out of that part of our lovely coastline)

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    There are a lot of wrecks in liverpool bay and the surrounding area. The area north of anglesey up along the west coast of cumbria is very rarely dived in comparison to the rest of the country. Some surprisingly big stuff depending how far out you go. I don't imagine it would be a challenge to regularly get on decent unknown sites if there's a bit of ambition to do it.

    Quite shallow and muddy for quite a way out means the visability can be variable. I know a few clubs that take rhibs out but the area is crying out for decent dive boats like we've got over in the NE.

    The tidal constraints mentioned that mean shorter single dive trips would suit a boat running as a shuttle quite nicely. The single dive days, perhaps challenging conditions and focus on wrecks would make it a challenge to charter this as a club in my experience. Could easily take a couple of places semi regularly though.

    ...Although my skills probably aren't up to it because I'm not always accompanied by my DO and his half filled in clipboard.

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