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Due to having twins last year, I have reluctantly decided to sell my rebreather, as I canít see myself using it for a while. The unit has been completely reliable, I have only ever missed one dive due to a failed cell. It was last serviced in 2014, but there has been no reason to return it since. It is a well maintained unit, that holds both positive and negative tests. It will require new cells.

The unit is a 2008 AP Inspiration Vision, it is Trimix enabled and comes with the following:
New style battery boxes
Mk3 Solenoid
Kent Tooling Frame
Plastic box with no cracks
Crate that KT frame fits in
Large harness
Large OTS counter lungs
Spare large OTS, with 2xO2 and 2xDil manual adds and over pressure valve
ADV with flow stop
AP BOV with gag strap
Standard mouthpiece
BOV gas connection kit fittings to plug into onboard and offboard bailout as well as O2
2 x O2 cylinders, in test until June 2020. Will need O2 clean
1 x dil cylinder, in test until June 2020. Will need O2 clean
Computer bridge
Various spares, O rings, O2 grease, scrims etc.
Selection of tools:
Kent Tooling elbow and OPV wrenches
IP pressure gauge
Breathing hose end removal tool
ADV top removal tool
ADV adjustment tool
BOV setting tool

The unit is located in Edinburgh, I am looking for £2,500.
I also have 2 x ali 80s and a steel 7 that are for sale as well.