Hello everyone,

I wondered if anyone in the Surrey area might be interested in this event held by the charity I work.

Join Challengers for an evening that will take you into the mind of a man who pushed the limits of physical and mental endurance.

Southern Russia, 2012. On an international expedition to discover a submerged cave system at a depth of 700 feet, Martin Robson, former Royal Marine Commando and cave diver was hit by decompression sickness, paralysing him from the waist down.

During is dive back up, at 75 feet below the surface Robson was faced with a decision between the instinct to go up where he would encounter death or, in excruciating pain, dive further down in an attempt to save his life.


He is a very interesting man here is some background information on him: he is one of the world’s leading instructors on technical, cave and rebreather diving with clients worldwide. A former Royal Marine Commando and senior Fire Officer with both Kent and London fire brigades, he has been cave diving for more than 20 years, leading explorations and tours of systems in France, North America and Mexico. In 2003, he discovered a new passageway in the Durzon cave, in France, more than a mile into the cave and one hundred metres underwater. Only a handful of people have ventured there since.

Martin is still an active rebreather, technical and cave instructor. He is one of the IANTD's leading Instructor Trainers and has been a member of IANTD's Board of Advisors for several years. He also works as a Technical Field Consultant and Designated Instructor Trainer for PADI and was instrumental in the development of its Rebreather courses. He also co-authored the PADI rebreather training manuals.

Robson is a sought-after speaker at technical diving conferences around the world and has presented at The Natural History Museum, Rebreather Forum 3, EUROTEK, OZTek, TEKDiveUSA and BALTICTECH. Robson has also contributed articles to UK, US, Russian and Finnish dive magazines. His expeditions are supported by a number of worldwide equipment manufacturers. They include Analox, the world’s leading maker of gas analysers; Otter, which produces diving dry suits; Fourth Element, which makes thermal clothing for divers; dive computer manufacturer Liquivision; and Ambient Pressure Diving, makers of the Inspiration rebreather.